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3 Desserts You Need to Have in Nashville

If you’re ever in Nashville, here’s some desserts you definitely need to try! These are pretty popular and classic Nashville desserts so, I will be looking for some not so well known desserts places soon.


Jeni’s is only the best ice cream place in the world. (Aside from the beach ;) ) Nashville has many of these stores planted all over so it should be easy to find. They have very unique flavors like wildberry lavender which I got and loved it. It tasted like fruit loops lol. Jeni’s also has dairy free and vegan flavors.

I also got the flavor coffee with cream and sugar. I know, total opposites but it was still amazing. It tasted how coffee smells, so it’s a good one to go with if you like coffee. But if you aren’t going to Nashville anytime soon, there is one at Avalon in Atlanta. And I may have heard someone say that Publix is now selling Jeni’s ice cream too.


Do you like milkshakes? Or do you love milkshakes? These milkshakes are epic to say the least. They are over the top in every way and so, so good. The wait was kind of long but it was so worth it and the line moved fast. They have flavors already designed or you could create your own!

The Unicorn

Cookies and Cream

Coffee & Donuts

Pizza Rev

Pizza Rev is not exactly a dessert place but they do have some good stuff. The Oreo pizza is delicious. It’s crumbled Oreos on pizza dough with powdered sugar and cinnamon syrup. They’ve recently added Oreo hotdogs to their dessert menu which tastes more like a fried Oreo. They also have Christie’s cookies, which are only the best cookies in the world and you won’t have to wait in a long line at the actual store either.

(this is the Christie's in town but Pizza Rev sells them too)

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