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5 Small Jewelers You Should Know About

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

I loooove handmade jewelry and brands with a purpose so I just thought I would share some of my favorites with y’all! Each of these brands work hard to make quality products and behind the brands are hardworking, sweet people.

A brand I’ve watched move from etsy to their own site! These creations are so unique and so fun. I currently have two pairs of earrings made by them and enjoy them SO much!! If a pair is no longer in stock, they will gladly make you a customized pair of what you want, like, how sweet?!

A trendy, yet genuine brand that I worked a little bit with over the summer. They have jewelry and apparel to shop from. I get so many compliments on the little moon necklace I got from them.

The Sea Salt Shop has allll sorts of jewelry to choose from. She makes trendy and unique items as well as custom made pieces. There is always large range of colors to choose from so it can be more exclusive to you! Oh yeah, and she’s also my aunt!

I have two items from this artist and I love them both so much! Each item is uniquely designed and handcrafted. The locket is so sweet because it’s one of kind (OOooo) and I’ve always wanted one! The choker is one of my favorites to wear so I highly recommend!!! She also can make pieces that you might have collected and want turned into something you can wear.

wearing a Mary Marshall Collection choker

This brand is sooo cool! Do you have (or like) apple watches? If so, Wildflower Jewelry makes neat, original bands for your watch! There are so many textures, colors, aesthetics, themes to choose from so good luck!

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