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All the Light We Cannot See

All The Light We Cannot See, a novel based during the 1940s by Anthony Doerr, heightened the hardships and courage of a young french girl, Marie Luare, who braves the world with her wit, intelligence and heart during WWII. On the other side of the war there was Werner, a boy who’s physical and mental positions were of opposition.

In the start of this story, I wasn’t sure if or how much I would like it because it was bloated with imagery and wasn’t chronological. BUT the more I read, the more questions I had and soon found myself melting into the lives of Marie Luare and Werner.

While this book covers some heavy grievances, it also makes you want to catch the sun and hold it in your hands to give to this precious yet resilient family.

“We rise again in the grass.

In the flowers.

In songs.”

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