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LM5 by Little Mix Review

Record breaking girl band, Little Mix, released their fifth album Nov 24. Their album, LM5, was named in honor of their fans’ nickname for each era.

Since their win as the first female group to win X-Factor, they have been combating sexism and empowering people to be their authentic selves. In addition to fighting for gender equality, they also have been promoting body positivity and empowering both genders to be themselves. These themes are heavily present throughout the album and can be heard in song such as Strip ft. Sharaya J, Wasabi, Woman Like Me ft. Nicki Minaj, Joan of Arc and Woman’s World.

Their previous album Glory Days became the longest-reigning girl group number one album since the Spice Girls' debut album 20 years prior. LM5 is sure to continue to break records as they have incorporated more a modern pop sound to their lush harmonies.

Though this may the most uplifting album yet, they still made a few mellow tracks: Told You So, The Cure, Think About Us, More than Words ft. Kamille and Monster In Me. Even in these slower tracks the girls manage to mix in self empowerment.

All in all, this album exceeded expectations in promoting confidence and positive vibes. LM5 is a great record of where the world stands the movement towards equality and acceptance.

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