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Love + Gelato Review

Love + Gelato by Jenna Evans Welsh, takes place in Florence, Italy which was very appealing when I first picked it up. I don’t often read books that are set in Florence.

While the book itself was cute and held some plot twists, the twists were easily detected before they happened. The main character fell in line with the typical main character of these sweet novels, down to the obscure name. We uniquely get to know the main character, Lina, through a journal she kept while she visited Florence (hence Lina being there). I spent a few days in Florence during the summer (2017), so the imagery used throughout the novel really made me feel like I was there in downtown Florence.

Though the book was a light, fast read, it was all too much fluff for me. The book lacked the element that pokes at your brain to dig a little deeper into the reading. However, I would definitely recommend this to any (middle) schooler in need of a fun read.

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