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3 things I learned in 2017

During the course of 2017 I made some great memories with friends and family whether we watched movies late into the night or traveled around the world. Though the year did present hardships, I was able to learn from them. I cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store for me.

1. God always delivers.

Prior to 2017, whenever I went through a rough patch and all I could think to do was to pray for things to get better. This past year God delivered above and beyond for whatever I could have imagined especially during 2017. “I sought the Lord and He answered me.” Proverbs 34:4 God always listens, but He may not answer right away. The waiting is a test on our faith and I just can’t think of a time He let me down or didn’t bring something better along.

2. friends are everything.

As the year carried forward, my friend group grew in size and become a melody of personalities that have each contributed to the circle in a valuable way. Good friends will support and include you while brightening your life. Honesty, though sometimes tough to use, will clear the air and make the relationship stronger. Good ones are hard to come by, but once you find one keep them close!

3. we can all only take so much.

While the school year pushed me academically and mentally, I learned that it is ok if I need to take a minute for myself outside of school. Baths with epsom salt or bath bombs have now become a favorite way to relax (along with face masks of course)! Staying in for the weekend can be just what we need to get over the exhausting week.

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