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Bravely Miscellaneous: Jewelry!

Hello there!!

I am just now realizing that, after nearly a year, I have never formally introduced my jewelry collection. Wow, that’s crazy!

At the start of quarantine and after Belmont decided to send us home for the rest of the semester, I began slowly collecting items to make jewelry, mostly earrings and a couple necklaces here and there. With a little encouragement from my friends and family, I started an Etsy account! View it here:

First, I started with clay earrings. They were so fun and easy to design. It was the amount of work that needed to go into the earring to make them good quality that turned me off from continuing to make them. The clay was difficult to manipulate to the perfect smoothness without purchasing higher end tools and I knew I was not that serious with it. It was also tricky to find the right temperature and length of time that they needed to be in the oven. While I do not think I will continue to sell clay earrings much longer, I still enjoy making them!

I love the rainbow/arch earrings. They are so unique and fun. As cool as they are, it takes at least an hour to create each pair! It is tough to get the thread to match up once I make the shape, or sew them together, and sometimes the second one in the pair does not match up enough to the first earring.

Just as quirky as the rainbow earrings are the pompom earrings I make! There are four different sizes and so are easily customizable. I saw a couple influencers wear these last year and I really thought they would take off, but I haven’t really seen many people wear them. I still think they are so fun.

What I mostly make now are earrings out of resin. There are so many shapes and styles to choose from. I have such a good time designing and playing around with this material. Though, I am still trying to figure out the best way to dye the resin.

More recently, I have been using pendants for a more dainty look for the people wanting something simple.

*click the pictures of the resin and pendent earrings to go straight to the listing!

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