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5 Prompts to Help You Start Journaling

Do you want to start journaling, but not sure what you should write about? Or maybe you feel awkward and don’t know any way to begin an entry other than “Dear Diary.” Well, I am hoping these simple prompts will help you feel more comfortable writing it out.

First off, I want to encourage you to continue journaling even if you feel like it isn’t working out for you. Especially if it doesn’t feel like it’s working out. Because research shows that taking the time to write out what you’re feeling will calm you, and help you sort all that’s happening in your head!

1. Make a list of your top 5 favorite songs. Describe why each song is one of your favorites. The tune? The lyrics? The way it makes you feel? The memories? I feel like this one simple, but also exercises writing out your feelings.

2. Describe something you’re looking forward to. Are you going on a trip soon? Seeing a movie? Going out with friends? Waiting for your fav’s album to come out?

3. Write about your style. Do you love your style? Do you hate it? Who’s do you want it to look more like? What’s your favorite clothing shop or where would you shop if you could?

4. Look up your zodiac sign. Does it fit you? Why or why not? If it does describe you, read more on yourself! This will help you become more self-connected. If it doesn’t fit you, try a personality quiz such as enneagram or Myers Briggs.

5. Evaluate your rose & thorn of the day. Aka your highs & lows. Once again this will help get in touch with your ~feelings~ and you’ve worked up to it! You can do it!! :)

Hopefully, these few prompts will help you settle your mind to write out what your feeling or what you’re doing with your life! If you need to keep practicing, that’s totally cool and understandable too. You can find more on Pinterest or contact me for more.

Have a sweet day!

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