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April showers bring May flowers

Though times get rough, I know they will get better because He is a faithful God who has never let me down. This truth is what brought me out the other side of the black hole that this school year has been.

There is this song I found recently called Mistakes by Influence Music + Melody Noel that goes, "You don't make mistakes / And You didn't start with me." It just kind of took out all of the bad from this year and rearranged my perspective to shift from “this totally sucks” to “this is for a purpose.” And, although, I admit that that shift didn’t stick permanently, it did change my perspective just for a minute, and a minute was long enough to settle my soul and bring my head back to reality.

This momentous shift helped me reach the end of the year. So, I think it’s important that we all take a second to soak in what’s around us because, as we all know, nothing lasts forever.

For the one who has found school

to be far more difficult than she expected this year:

“She will not be afraid

when things do not make sense.

For day by day

she will make it through this.

She will walk tall, with strength,

and new found wisdom.

She will not be afraid

when things do not make sense.”

-storyteller, morgan harper nichols

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