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Dreams + Encouragement

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Lately, a lot of things about dreams have been popping up for me. (Maybe for you too, so grab a notebook and let’s dig in!) In a small group, we had been reading through Nehemiah along with Visioneering. A book about dreams and the waiting. The timing of when to share your vision is a big part of accomplishing that dream. If you share too early, before plans are made, it may create pressure and end in disaster. Sharing with people you trust at the right time, people will want to offer help.

Torie, a friend, and I have also been discussing what a dream means and what it looks like for us. Sometimes, when I think of “the dream” all I can imagine is moving to California or New York City to pursue acting/singing. (Even though I have no interest in acting/singing or move that far away.) Sometimes, I think, that the typical dream that is in every other book, movie, and TV show clouds our idea of what a dream is...that it has to be something extravagant and wild and super cool to the rest of the world. So, when what we want in life doesn’t seem interesting enough to pursue or considered as “the dream” we back off. Dreams can be the career you’ve always wanted, or being able to sell your artwork, or having enough time in the day to go for a walk without sacrificing something else.

Dreams are often far from our reach and not easily attainable which is why they are so amazing when they finally get there. Also, it’s important to recognize that a dream might not fill you up like you thought it would. We’ve seen and heard of the hundreds of famous celebrities who end their lives because their life was not fulfilling (/depression)...and they were living “the dream.”

In a different worship I attend, we spent a night discussing dreams and encouraging each other. I really appreciated what Judd, the minister, said and would like to share with you as well:

1) *Know Jesus knows you - He goes right to the heart, every time.

2) Be a dreamer - We were made in His image to have dreams. He will stir a dream in your heart, don’t give up on it.

3) You got this because God’s got you - Focus on one thing because He’s got the rest.

4) Jesus loves you

*All numbered items are quoted from Judd Granzow

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