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Bravely Miscellaneous, The Name

You know how those big artists and instagram influencers have a “theme” or aesthetic for their page? I don’t really feel that the blog fits in with just one look.

For example, the minimalistic style is so calming to me; I love how elegant and simple it is. But instagrams like malloryonthemoon are so fun (and colorful) to me as well. They are complete opposites. That’s kind of how “miscellaneous” came into play for the blog name. I thought I would develop more of a theme or style as time went on, but it’s a year later and I still have no distinct style or aesthetic or whatever you want to call it.

As I said, I couldn’t decide on a real niche for the blog but I knew I wanted to write. I also wanted a name in which allowed me to grow if I decided to add or take away a topic to write on. Plus, I think having a name for something like this just makes it more fun opposed to just my name haha.

In real life (lol), it doesn’t bother me so much that I like a bunch of different styles and genres of music or movies because people tend to be that way too. However, in the blogging world people seem to stay in one lane like fashion, cooking, lifestyle, travel, or “christian.”

In 2018, I picked the word “brave” to be my word for the year to try to pursue. I was nervous to make a blog, but ultimately wanted to push myself. So, that’s how the name Bravely Miscellaneous was born! Thank you for reading and supporting me thus far :))

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