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Mountain Moving

When we go through hard stuff— our mountains, we don’t speak about it until it’s over; when we feel like we can turn back and adequately justify the “why.” It’s so easy to accept the bad when we have the good, but what about those still stuck in the bad? Everyone has the same hollow advice; to trust and give it time, but that’s not how we’re made. We don’t like to just sit and wait, we are creatures of action. Our actions need to follow or be in pursuit of healing and growing instead of just waiting around for things to fall into place. Look for the joy, look for the opportunity, look for the small victories.

Whether your mountain be a relationship, school, work, or toxic people I’m here to tell you I’m in the midst of mountain moving-- that it is tough and heavy and messy and I wonder if it’ll ever move. Mountains are big, sometimes too big, and it’s ok to ask for help.

Sometimes I think when we’ve drifted away from our God for too long — or people — that we can’t go back to Him. But He wants to hear from your heart when you’re mad, disappointed, or hurt by Him. He is understanding and gracious. I know I and many others forget this.

This week, I want to challenge you to put away your pride or put down your shield and talk to Him. Talk to anyone. Mountain moving requires action: plans, prayer, discipline. It’s deciding what step you can take that is in YOUR best interest for your heart — but that doesn’t make any less hard. The process can be painful and because it’s hard, it just goes to show your mountain is real and sometimes that’s the validation you need to turn to God and lay your struggles down for Him to help you.

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