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Praising in the Hallway

When I think of “praising Him in the hallway,” I associate the hallway with being in a rut or lull in my life. This waiting is typical human nature. But sometimes we forget that lulls and ruts are waiting periods … not how life will always be.

Maybe your hallway is comfortable and charming and so safe that it makes you want to stay there forever; or maybe it’s a dark alley with dark twists and turns. Either way, I want to encourage you to keep believing, praying, dreaming for things to change even when you feel drained. Our faith should not be based on how we are feeling. Our feelings change all the time. We have an all-knowing and loving God who would never let us down unless something better is there to take it’s place. Sometimes we stay in the hallway, not because there is something still processing for us to reap later, but for us to grow.

These growing pains can prepare us to fully appreciate what is to come or aid us in becoming self-aware. Pain isn’t always beautiful, but we can choose what we take from these seasons, and that, my friends, is always beautiful. In Romans 8:18 the verse says, “the pain that you have been feeling can’t compare to the joy that is coming.” Remember this and keep praising in the hallway.

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1 commentaire

23 févr. 2018

I love this Grace & I love you!

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