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In Barcelona...

In July of 2017 I spent three days in Barcelona, Spain. It was absolutely such a cool experience, and I just wanted to share some of the places I enjoyed while there that you might too.

Being in a different country was a new experience to me and, I think, we never realize that there are many more differences than just language such as how to tip, beverage supplies and how they dress.

The feel of the city was just almost more… quaint than Madrid. It was so amazing to be surrounded by a new culture and the beautiful architecture of the buildings that have been around forever. While walking along the track of Las Ramblas, I just wanted to soak in everything I saw and take pictures of the city’s beauty. No picture could ever capture the atmosphere on Las Ramblas. There were street performers, vendors and restaurants were scattered all over the walkway.

Off of Las Ramblas there is a small food market, it often gets crowded so be sure to go before or after munching hours. Outlining the market are restaurants while inside the market you can buy smoothies, fruit bowls or any meat you might need. The smoothie stands have delicious options for a great price.

But, if you’re in the mood for a treat just take a short walk to a pastry shop called Chök. It has donuts, kronuts and croissants of all types. The shop and logos are adorable. And, yes, the desserts taste just as good as they look!

Barcelona has a lot to offer, including the Gothic Quarter. The Gothic Quarter is so different from the rest of the city, definitely worth the walk though. There is also clothes shopping in that area so win/win!

However, if you want to go somewhere brighter, check out Plaza Riel. Plaza Riel has street performers, artisan shops, restaurants and helado (ice cream)! This is a great place to buy a painting by a local artist. The fountain placed in the middle of the square is a great photo opp. The surrounding area, the alleyways, are interesting to walk through as you see people’s homes and local shops.

La Sagrada Familia is cathedral built by Gaudi in 1882 and is set to be finished by 2026! The inside of the cathedral is breathtaking as each section of the cathedral has different colored stained glass (one side is orange and yellow while the other is blue and purple). Religious or not, it is incredible to see this extraordinary building.

Lastly, I suggest visiting the bench by Guell (Park Guell). This bench was created out of stained glass and gives you a great view of Barcelona. I also recommend getting to the park early or buying tickets in advance (if possible) because the tickets sell out fast. But don’t fret if you can’t get tickets, you can see a great view from the top of the hill. Personally, I found that I prefered the view from the first area to stop at before the very top due to the wider view and better opportunities to take pictures.

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Abihu Hogward
Abihu Hogward
Jan 24, 2020

I am going to say, I have not visited Barcelona yet in my life. I have see these picture and read your article so I think I will go Barcelona for visit after come back Your article are useful for me.


Gayle Gibson
Gayle Gibson
Jan 20, 2018

The discription and beautiful pictures are fantastic! Feel I’ve been there, seeing every beautiful sight is so interesting.


Jan 18, 2018

Let’s go back!

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