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What To Pack In Your Carry On

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

What to pack in your carry on (short flight, long flight, or car ride)!

A book!

I’ve got Harry Potter to read with me. Like a physical copy. A physical book is great because it keeps you off your phone (which is great mentally and physically!). Every time I travel, I end up being on my phone the whole time.Eventually I run out of music or get bored of scrolling. In actuality, I’d rather not be on my phone - even if it is to read. It helps to start your traveling off by not being on your phone so you don’t get sucked in.

BUT if you are trying to get things done on your phone, audible is great so you can at least feel productive... or if you like to multitask.

Bonus: listen to a podcast! There is a podcast out there on anything you could think of so you’re bound to find one you like.


You’re thinking, obviously, right? Well, hang on. I said earphones. Plural. Wireless, regular, and regular (long). If you have a phone without a separate plug for earphones, they’re still good to have if you’re on a plane so you won’t have to buy any when you get on. Wireless is great to have so you can charge your phone and still listen to music. However, wireless headphones need to be charged. In case something happens and your wireless headphones die, it’s nice to have the regular kind for back up.


If you’re a big music person, it might be smart to create a playlist prior to the trip if you don’t have one you typically listen to already. If you have (free) Spotify, it’s wise to do the “3 month trail” for 99¢ (especially if you’re flying!).


Why would not pack a charger though?


Cash money is better to use when you’re traveling for snacks (or earphones if you didn’t pack them).


If your luggage gets lost, you’re going to at least want your tooth brush and skincare products that are not so easy to replace. Also maybe you’ll want to freshen up before landing.

This should also include a travel size lotion because traveling can make you dry as well as hand sanitizer.


When I say notebook, I mean journal, coloring book, sketchbook - whatever suits your fancy! You never know when the urge to draw might strike. There’s only so many expressive outlets you can bring with you or do while traveling. I do not consider myself good at drawing but it’s nice to do something mindless with the chaos of traveling.

I do wish I had brought nail clippers and a small pair of scissors (to trim up my bangs).

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