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San Francisco

This April I was presented with a great opportunity to travel to San Francisco, CA. And, WOW, what a city!!

Though San Francisco is a big city, it didn’t feel like a concrete jungle like New York. The streets are lined with colorful houses, new and old, sitting on miles of rolling hills.

On the first day, we visited Chinatown’s fortune cookie factory. I loved the vibe of this area!

We visited the sea lions on Pier 39 and they were just so cute. They sun bathed on the docks and we just laughed at their annoyed yells. The sea lions fought in the water and became irritated when their beauty sleep was interrupted. I mean, who wouldn’t be annoyed if their nap was interrupted? Certainly not me.

The view from Twin Peaks of the city was just breathtaking. It reminded me that we sometimes need to step back, remove ourselves from our daily routines and admire how far we’ve come because it will (eventually) create something far bigger than ourselves.

While in Pier 39, we munched at Legit Cookie Dough. It was doughp! The cookie dough was served as if it were ice cream. It was sooo yummy.

A classic, the Golden Gate Bridge, was visited too. The area surrounding the bridge was just so serene with the waves crashing and having a skyline view of the city. There was also the cutest little gift shop that served the best hot chocolate.

My favorite place we landed might have been Alcatraz. I just love visiting historical grounds were people once lived. While there I got to meet a former inmate, William G. Baker. He was there signing a book he wrote about his time in prison.

Oh, and we didn’t forget the fabulous Painted Ladies. Visiting the iconic opening to Full House in real life was so surreal.

San Francisco was such a vibrant city and I hope to visit again!

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