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January Favs

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

Discovering new items that I love and find useful is something I love sharing about, and, I mean, who doesn’t? So, these items that I am going to share with you are the things that I have enjoyed this past month.

Token glossy lip paint and Epic lip paint by tarte are a-m-a-zing. Both have great pigment and last a long time. I don’t typically wear lipstick, but when I do, it’s definitely one of these two. These two actually came together along with a lip liner in a lip kit. The liner is nice too, however, the liner doesn’t really match either of the lipsticks.

*wearing Epic^

I am not one to fall asleep easily, so when Lush put out this dreamy lotion I immediately knew I had to have it. And let me just tell you, it smells as good as it looks. The Sleepy lotion is lavender scented (and colored) and truly relaxes you. Also Lush shower jellies.

Oh my, are they fun! My favorite jellies are whoosh and refresher, both are more on the citrus side of smells. Jellies not only smell good, but they are so entertaining to jiggle.

Recently I started using the Clinique mascara which has been perfect for a natural look and lighter feel.

Pacifica face wash, this wash takes my makeup off so cleanly and quickly it’s almost unreal. It also smells so refreshing, plus its labeled “de-stress.” And I will buy anything that says de-stress.

The Uspeaker has been an essential to my shower time. It is so conveniently portable and the perfect size to fit anywhere in my bathroom. The sound works amazingly well for such a small thing. Plus its adorable.

And finally, bullet journaling. I use bullet journalling for all my lists such as books I want to read, movies I want to watch, monthly goals and whatever else I think of. Now, it seems that typically people do a combo of journaling along with planning and lists. I keep my planner and journal separate. Pinterest has a lot of ideas and inspiration for bullet journaling.

What have been your favorite things this month?

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